Top 100 Ecommerce Experts to Follow in 2019

For you to achieve the potential success that ecommerce offers today, its power must be utilised in the correct manner- learning from those who have achieved the best.

Ecommerce is providing everyone around the globe with the capability to own an online business, in hope to succeed. How then can we beat the vast amount of competitors?

Follow an ecommerce expert in order to help you guide, grow and gain the most from your business.

Whether it is SEO hacks or digital marketing, the need to learn from talented people who have achieved success in their respective fields cannot be overemphasized.

Ecommerce experts offer tips and advice on how best to navigate the challenges most online entrepreneurs face. 

There is so little time for trial and errors therefore the best option available to all serious-minded entrepreneur is to leverage the experience of a mentor.

They not only tell you what to do, they explain why certain methods work while the others do not.

There are lots of them out there with a mix of fake gurus who do not offer proven strategies, of course. To save you the worry of trying each one out and falling prey to the fake experts whose purpose is only to scam people off their hard-earned income, we present a list of the best ecommerce experts available today.

Following them will direct you to immediate success with quality classes on lead generation and traffic conversion, secrets on how to choose winning products, and the best techniques to apply for increase in sales.

The list below rounds up a group of talented ecommerce experts that offer insightful tips on how to excel in a crowded industry.

You can learn from the best by bookmarking their blogs as well as following them on Twitter or Facebook.

Here at E-sniper, we've highlighted the best ecommerce experts that we believe are worth for you to follow in order to begin accelerating your business growth today.

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The Ecom King

Kamil is the founder of Ementoring, it  is a group of experts in Shopify Dropshipping & E-commerce that provides professional mentoring.

He has a large following on Youtube and Facebook mainly because of the quality articles and insights he shares about adding value to your  dropshipping business.

If you are struggling to get consistent sales and looking for effective strategies, Kamil offers a high-level  quality tutorials on drop shipping however focuses entirely on Shopify strategies.

Follow him on : Youtube

Beast Of Ecom

Beast of Ecom is a well known ecommerce coach, teaching people how to drop ship products using Shopify platform with Facebook Ads.

He has many great courses including the Ecom Beast 2.0 – an ecommerce program with proven and tested methods, strategies and formulas to help others build their own profitable ecommerce business.

Beast Of Ecom also provide easy to follow and informative courses on YouTube so that everyone, including beginners, can start making money online.


Follow him on : Youtubeinstagram

Kevin David

In only little time Kevin reached enormous heights, becoming a successful ecommerce seller with Amazon FBA, Shopify and Facebook Ads and is now a popular ecommerce coach to an increasing number of students.


He provides training courses and creates numerous YouTube videos which are becoming todays greatest hits as his growing amounts of students are becoming major success stories.


Kevin is todays give-away to the most wanted ecommerce secrets on making a passive income online, and delivers all steps needed to becoming a successful ecommerce seller.

Kevin is bringing to life ‘ThatLifestyle Ninja’, the course that releases people from their 9-5 jobs and he continues to follow his key aim to “enable inspired entrepreneurs to live by their own rules, be their own boss and create the life that they have always dreamed of living.”

He excels in ecommerce selling and in the ability to voice over his own path of success and achievements in to making the dream of others become a reality.

Follow him on : Facebook and Instagram.

Dan Dasilva

Dan began marketing in January 2015 and his ecommerce success has led him to become todays New Jersey’s youngest millionaire. 

Dan has created multiple successful ecommerce Drop Shipping stores and has launched one of the biggest ecommerce Training Brands – ‘eCom Dudes’.

‘ECom dudes’ provides training videos and weekly training workshops which is opening the doors to potentially successful entrepreneurs.


Dan is growing in popularity as he makes his way to becoming one of today’s leading ecommerce advisors, enabling others to follow their dreams into becoming successful ecommerce sellers. His YouTube channel is becoming a starting point for all ecommerce marketing beginners as he shares his practice and secrets in Drop Shipping, Shopify and Amazon FBA.


Dan’s increase in positive feedback and reviews demonstrates his growing ability to create a successful ecommerce future for many others. 

Follow him on : Youtube and Instagram.

Hayden Bowles

Hayden took hold of ecommerce success by utilising the power of marketing through Shopify.

This success has taken him into another direction in life - to spread some value through YouTube to all potential Shopify sellers and ecommerce stores.

Hayden documents his own journey and shares advice and tips to building a successful Shopify store by constantly posting valuable videos.

He demonstrates different working strategies to increase sales when marketing online, how to run Facebook Ads effectively, how to multiply sales on Shopify and Drop Shipping in 2019.

Hayden delivers his experience and skilled content in aim to creating a higher level for all ecommerce stores.

He is also popular for his course, ‘Ecom Remastered 2.0’, in which he focuses in high level marketing, ecommerce strategies and how to duplicate high-income skill. 

Hayden’s objective is to voice out ecommerce principles and tricks that will change the life of online sellers.

Follow him on : Youtube and Instagram.

Seth Kniep

Seth is the Co-Founder and CEO of Just One Dime, a team of expert coaches training entrepreneurs and leading them into the direction of success.

With +100k subscribers, a team of coaches, and community of 2,000+ ecommerce entrepreneurs in over 90 countries, Seth and his team teach students how to fire their boss and build ecommerce passive income machines. 

Seth delivers fresh video content weekly on YouTube on step by step guidance to selling successfully on Amazon with a growing feedback of thousands of satisfied and advancing students.

He also offers the 1x1 Amazon Coaching, a course which gives practical knowledge and advice to creating a successful Amazon business. 

Seth is a self-made millionaire and loves teaching others the power of passive income so that people can live their dreams now and not have to wait until retirement to do so.

Follow Him on: YoutubeInstagram

Tanner Planes

At the age of 16, Tanner started a successful drop shipping business.

He has since been sharing advice on YouTube about his venture as well as his lifestyle on Instagram.

His videos are watched by thousands as he constantly shares advice and ideas on drop shipping and how to make successful sales online.

Tanner is involved in multiple ecommerce projects including drop shipping, affiliate marketing and personal branding and has recently launched ‘UCENT’, an upcoming platform that provides young entrepreneurs to learn, share and take their online business a level up.

His objective today is to “take stores above the realms of success using his extensive marketing, ecommerce and social media knowledge.”

Tanner devotes himself to helping others making their business goals and dreams a reality by sharing his own journey and additional vital content to a successful online business.

Follow him on : Youtube and Instagram.


Since the age of 17, Youse has been involved in social media marketing and has achieved great success on Shopify and YouTube.

He is growing in popularity as he continues to share valuable content and inspires like-minded entrepreneurs to becoming the future to successful ecommerce selling.

His YouTube channel is the opening door to all those following in his success, training in making sales on Shopify, personal branding, profitable Instagram influencers and Facebook Ads strategies.

Youse receives a flow of positive feedback from those who have purchased his coaching session and courses, teaching todays most wanted secrets of Facebook Ads, social media intelligence and a complete walkthrough to reaching success goals regarding ecommerce businesses.

Youse is quickly climbing his way up to becoming a leading ecommerce advisor as he grows in his own success and brings out the potential success of todays young entrepreneurs.

Follow him on : Youtube and Instagram.

Wholesale Ted

Co-Founder Ted and Sarah set up Wholesale Ted on a mission to create a simple and fun guide to becoming a successful ecommerce seller.

They provide top quality videos and tutorials for both, ecommerce beginners and experienced learners on creating and growing an ecommerce business.

Sarah continues to post fresh video content on YouTube covering all ecommerce areas including selling on Amazon and Ebay, drop shipping and general business development and growth.

Wholesale Ted also offers the must-have, free ebook on "How to Make $10,000 a Month by Drop shipping,” packed with the all the general basics and advanced tips and secrets to building a successful ecommerce business.

With 250k+ followers and over 10 million tutorial views, Wholesale Ted is the future guide to becoming successful online. 

Follow him on : Youtube and Website.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Sebastian is a 19 year old entrepreneur, achieving great success on his ecommerce selling and now delivering valuable content on YouTube in aim to inspire and educate others to becoming successful ecommerce marketers.

Sebastian offers a high-level course and many quality tutorials on drop shipping however focuses entirely on Shopify strategies.

Follow him on : Youtube and Website.

Drop Ship Lifestyle
Anton Kraly

With only little knowledge but big commitment, Anton created his first ecommerce store in 2007 and within no time he reached top success - building and growing dozens of ecommerce stores in multiple niches.

Anton launched in 2013, an online ecommerce coaching program that has led over 8,000 students to success and continues providing opportunities for everyone to reaching extraordinary ecommerce results.

Drop Ship Lifestyle offers tutorials, clear guidance and Anton’s secret strategies to becoming a successful ecommerce seller and posts quality content on YouTube regularly.

Drop Ship Lifestyle was voted “Best ecommerce Course” by Shopify in 2018.

Follow him on : YoutubeBlog and Instagram.

Travis Robertson

Travis is a business owner and a leading Growth Acceleration Strategist.

He is the CEO of the Don’t Settle Group, a business growth coaching program which aims to help businesses to build a high-performance team and to grow in profit.

He posts vlogs, challenges, comedy and family videos on YouTube but most importantly he comes to share his business strategies, teaching on how to make a passive income online and entrepreneurship.

Follow him on : YoutubeBlog and Instagram.

Rory Ganon

Rory, a 17 year old, utilised the power of selling on Shopify and using targeted advertising and has successfully made over $1million USD throughout the past year.

Rory creates training videos on YouTube, providing success opportunities to like-minded, young entrepreneurs as he continues on his own journey in aim to grow in his ecommerce expertise.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

James Beattie

James is the CEO of Ecom Insiders, a Shopify ecommerce coaching program.

He also posts his own strategies and secrets on YouTube to inspire entrepreneurs - beginners to experts- as he covers all aspects of Shopify with practical and informative points on where to source products, how to choose suppliers and most importantly how to go about identifying products that are trending and selling well.

James is already receiving positive and satisfied feedbacks from his followers and is about to take it a level up as Shopify businesses is about to become the new ecommerce hit in 2019.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

Tristan Broughton

Tristan is an ecommerce and paid traffic expert.

He has created the Product Winner Blueprint course in which he promises to be ‘the most effective and up-to-date drop shipping Course for 2019.’

In this Tristan reveals many new methods to hitting high in ecommerce selling including his profitable scaling strategy, providing all entrepreneurs with the direct path to success.

Tristan is growing in popularity as he builds more valuable content on YouTube and continues to receive an applause from those who have followed in his successful strategies.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

The Realistic Entrepreneur
Adam Thomas

The Realistic Entrepreneur achieved great success in his Shopify stores and involvement with ecommerce marketing.

He then play-backed his journey to form strategies from his own successful practice which he now delivers to others, providing the key to success for future entrepreneurs.

The Realistic Entrepreneur offers many fantastic ecommerce classes on YouTube and the ‘Dropshipping Accelerator’ training program.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

Madcam Publishing

Brian quit his job and made his ‘big change,’ his journey with ecommerce, in 2012 and was quickly pulled into the success.

Brian then continued to follow in this passion and launched in aim to help others discover their own change.

Madcam Publishing, now with over six years of experience, provide top quality courses on drop shipping, creating a 6-figure course, personal branding, Amazon FBA plus many more, enabling others to reach their business goals.

With 60k+ subscribers and after guiding students to creating over 38k success stories, Madcam Publishing keeps taking it a step higher.

Follow him on : YoutubeBlog.

Till Boadella

Till is a successful online Entrepreneur, digital Marketer and author who has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe.

After sweating in marketing and business experience, Till comes to reveal what he’s learnt in aim to enable other businesses to pick up their sales successfully, multiplying their revenue quickly.

He has launched the Till Boadella Show, a podcast about business, marketing, entrepreneurship and personal development where he continues to share his secrets and tips to establishing a successful ecommerce business.

Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

Matthew Sabia

Mathew is the founder & CEO of Revenue Copilot - a social media marketing agency, and creator of RepPages – a reputation management platform.

He is a successful entrepreneur with two 6-figure businesses, holding the objective to helping other businesses double their monthly income.

Mathew offers 1 to 1 consulting sessions and delivers tutorials based on his own experience on social media marketing and ecommerce selling.  

Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

Thaddeus Strickland

Thaddeus is a 21 year old entrepreneur, creating drop shipping stores, personal brands and content.

He has reached great heights in no time and is currently an ecommerce coach, building the success for thousands of students.

Thaddeus has developed his own software with many projects underway and has recently founded the DropShipping Program, revealing how to make tens of thousands of sales with his approach.

Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram.

Flying Start Online

Ritoban is the founder of, after succeeding in his own drop shipping store he is devoted to helping others to launch their own profitable ecommerce business.

Flying Start Online create free quality content on their website and YouTube channel delivering tutorials, guides, product reviews, and interviews covering major online marketing topics.

Follow him on : YoutubeBlog

Greg Preece

Greg is currently exploring ecommerce business ideas, stepping higher in success each day. 

He therefore created to help people build their own Shopify stores and sell t-shirts on Amazon and he posts most-wanted tutorials on YouTube based on succeeding with affiliate marketing.

Greg learns how to sell products online through his own experiences and strategies and reveals his successes and failures along the way enabling others to join him on his venture to becoming successful ecommerce marketers.

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NotAJob Income
Kevin Huynh

NotAJob Income was set up by Kevin Huynh in aim to teaching others how to successfully make money online following his own success with ecommerce.

He delivers tutorials on his YouTube channel and site,, bursting with great content on drop shipping, affiliate marketing, Shopify strategies, Amazon private labelling and social media influences.


Follow him on : YoutubeBlog

Arie Scherson

Arie achieved great success with his involvement in ecommerce marketing and his Shopify drop shipping stores, building his own frame and strategies on the way to open the doors for many other inspired entrepreneurs.

Arie designed the Ecom Inner Circle course where he covers the store setup, Facebook Ads, branding and maximising profit tools required to becoming a successful ecommerce marketer. 

Arie’s YouTube tutorials provide valuable content and he is quickly rising in popularity as more of his members are growing in success and becoming owners of 6-7 figure ecommerce businesses.


Follow him on : Youtubeinstagram

Trey Cockrum

Leaving school at an early age to follow his passion, Trey immediately began to see success.

Trey set up SeekTheLight, an online photographer community based on his own photography experience and has sold hundreds of copies of digital photo editing tools.

He is also the founder of COAH Marketing, sourcing strategies from successful ecommerce businesses to serve businesses with paid traffic and funnel building.

Today he trains many inspired entrepreneurs to becoming successful, documents his journey and courses on YouTube and has created success stories around the globe.


Follow him on : Youtubeinstagram

Rick Hignett

With over 15 years of experience of working online, creating multiple streams of income, having offered 1 to 1 coaching sessions through LearnWithRick and currently being an Amazon ecommerce business owner, Rick is definitely an ecommerce mastermind today.

Although his YouTube channel consists of little and some unprofessional tutorials, it does not reflect on his success and excellence of working online.

He has now completely turned focus on his Amazon ecommerce business based on the Amazon FBA platform as he views ecommerce as an ‘obvious growth in popularity and incredible potential.’


Follow him on : Youtubeinstagram

Daniel Bukin

Dan is a Shopify ecommerce expert who holds the belief that “knowledge isn’t important unless it can be shared with other people” and therefore uses his own skills and techniques that he gained from his online stores and shares them on YouTube.


He has devoted himself to creating a channel that is full of quality courses, set out in a clear and organised manner teaching others facts and values to succeed in the ecommerce world.


Follow him on : Youtube

Jordan Welch

Jordan discovered his passion in ecommerce at a young age and had since been focusing on creating a profitable online business, failing and growing, he quickly reached the success zone and today he is a successful 20 year old serial entrepreneur and digital marketer.

Jordan has also begun sharing his knowledge in ecommerce and Internet marketing on YouTube, creating honest and valuable content, enabling others to change their life and follow in his path to success.

Jordan plans to accomplish incredible things with his ecommerce business in the coming year and continues to grow in his ecommerce skills and success.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Old Visions
Art Hernandez

Art is an ecommerce marketer and CEO of Trifold Marketing.

He began by researching and learning everything he could about ecommerce before starting on his journey, and after finally hitting the success button he began sharing his traffic source technique that changed his life.

He delivers a full training program as well as many great courses on his ‘Old Visions’ YouTube channel.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram and Blog

Dylan G

Dylan is growing in success as he continues to excel in his ecommerce Shopify business and he documents his journey on YouTube in aim to help others achieve this success.

Although Dylan is at the starting stages of sharing his skills with others, he provides quality content and is quickly building a team of subscribers as he takes the ecommerce world a step higher.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Sam Lyon

Sam is an ecommerce marketer and drop shipper and currently has multiple successful drop shipping sites and coaches others to accomplish the same results.

Sam posts daily tutorials on YouTube covering all the drop shipping, Shopify and social media marketing strategies and delivers the Dropshipping Masterclass course, an affordable training program designed to helping others find the right path to success.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Nash Hagen

Nash is a 21 year old filmmaker and entrepreneur, he follows his passion in photographing landscapes and adventures however most importantly he works on growing his ecommerce success, Shopify drop shipping.

Nash also takes his success as an opportunity to shares his methods and techniques on YouTube for others to learn and succeed with their Shopify drop shipping, including product research, reviewing subscriber stores, Instagram influencers and email marketing.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Hermo Benito

Hermo is the CEO of three successful online companies and is a Spanish ecommerce coach, teaching to create and accelerate successful ecommerce businesses.

With a growing 67k subscribers and building hundreds of success stories, Hermo continues to share his secrets and is climbing in popularity as he is becoming one of todays leading Spanish ecommerce experts.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Eric Lafleche

Eric is an ecommerce marketer and entrepreneur and finds success in his drop shipping, running his client business and selling products on Amazon.

Eric offers a high class 10 part Amazon FBA course, a 7 day step to Dropshipping Custom T-shirts as well as many other informative courses.

Currently, Eric does not have much followers however his valuable strategies and content is sure to quickly pull him up in popularity in the coming year.


Follow him on : Youtube

Andrei Kreicberg

Andrei started off with ecommerce at a young age, he hit success with Ebay drop shipping which continues to grow, reaching higher levels, and has built effective strategies and formulas from his experience.

Andrei is now an ecommerce coach to hundreds of students providing two major courses, Amazon FBA and Ebay Dropshipping. 

Andrei also has an ‘Ecommerce With Andrei’ YouTube channel with a growing 11k+ subscribers, delivering ecommerce tutorials helping many others reach their business goals and make a full time income.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

René Major

René is a French entrepreneur, who has achieved heights with ecommerce and devotes himself to sharing his secret strategies to change the lives of others just as it had changed his own.

René provides many courses regarding Shopify, Facebook Ads, Instagram and Email marketing which are available on his YouTube channel and on his site,


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Dominik Lisowski

Dominik is the key to Amazon selling secrets and he currently runs two successful ecommerce businesses.

Dominik created the BFTBS Course which not only reveals strategies to follow for being successful, he also highlights what not to do, to build that perfect ecommerce store.

Although not very popular, Dominik delivers excellent content, professionally laid out on his YouTube Channel and his tutorials are valued by those who view them.


Follow him on : Youtube

Gabriel Beltran

President and Founder of The Ecom Millionaire, Gabriel has achieved his own dream to success and now dedicates himself to building the dreams of all potential entrepreneurs.

The Ecom Millionaire is a popular and anticipated course, helping students across the globe run a profitable online store.

Gabriel posts many great tutorials on YouTube and what spotlights him from the rest is that he includes the testimonials of students who have become success stories after participating with The Ecom Millionaire.


Follow him on : Youtube

Juan Valdez

After much trial and error, Juan eventually began to scale quick success and has built techniques to grow his ecommerce drop shipping business even further and to mirror his success to other inspired entrepreneurs.

Juan has gained an incredible amount of knowledge, skills and experience through his own journey in ecommerce and is coming up quickly.


Follow him on : Youtube

Entrepreneur Talk

Andre founded Entrepreneur Talk in aim to create a growing community inspired in entrepreneurship, each member becoming part of the ‘family’ helping each other grow in ecommerce and reach life goals successfully.

Andre delivers the tutorials in a friendly yet professional manner, revealing all secrets to achieving high with Shopify.

Entrepreneur Talk are quickly rising in success and reputation and have already built most-awaited strategies for ecommerce in 2019.


Follow him on : Youtube

Kevin Vang

Ecommerce was a twist over to Kevin’s life, turning him from his darkest state to now being a successful ecommerce marketer and entrepreneur.

Kevin believes that everyone can achieve this success if they invest the effort and therefore set up the ‘don’t settle’ YouTube channel in aim to share his knowledge so as to clear the path to success for all potential entrepreneurs.

His tutorials on Shopify, social media marketing and Facebook Ads are appreciated by all those who view them and he frequently posts Q&A on live.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Julien Gallois

Julien is a French 6-figure entrepreneur, an expert in digital 
marketing and an ecommerce coach specialising in marketing and sales strategies helping thousands of students.

His YouTube channel bursts with quality and informative courses with a growing number of 35k+ subscribers.

Julien is growing in his successful online store and continues to offer 1 to 1 consulting sessions, revealing secrets to businesses on maximising their profits quickly.


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Nacir A.S Vlogs

Nacir is a successful Arabic entrepreneur holding great experience knowledge and skills on ecommerce selling and website set up.

Nacir is a popular marketing and lifestyle blogger and posts frequently on YouTube regarding product reviews, 2019 strategies, generating money online and Ebay and Shopify Dropshipping.

With over 20 million views and 400k subscribers, Nacir is climbing in his own achievements and picking up the success of many others.


Follow him on : Youtube

Tobia Wilson

Tobia is a genuine and professional ecommerce master providing little content but high in value.

He provides two major step-by-step tutorials on creating a WordPress website and Shopify guide to generating an income, available on his site and YouTube channel.

Tobia’s aim is to help others succeed online without having to invest.

His courses are delivered clearly and beginner-friendly, and are greatly appreciated by all his students.


Follow him on : Youtube

The eCom Project
Marco Rodriguez

Marco is an ecommerce entrepreneur since 2014 and has gained many successful strategies from his experience, specialising in converting visitors into customers.

His YouTube channel consists of fantastic courses on Goole and Facebook Ads, drop shipping, Shopify techniques and affiliate marketing.

Marco is also the founder of eCom PPC Academy, one of the most advanced training programs for ecommerce entrepreneurs building hundreds of success stories and incredible results from his students. 


Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Yomi Denzel

As a French entrepreneur Yomi primarily focuses on ecommerce, posting valuable content on YouTube and delivering Ecommerce PRO 2TM course along with other trainers Cedric and Patrick, which has allowed hundreds of students to create their first profitable store in a few weeks and generated millions.

Yomi is becoming a French mastermind in ecommerce as he continues to train others, making many dreams become reality.  


Follow him on : Youtube

House of Success

House of Success is a French ecommerce coaching agency delivering a premium drop shipping course and many tutorials on YouTube.

Covering all areas of drop shipping through Shopify, House of Success follow their key objective, to maximise the sales of inspired entrepreneurs.

Members who use the strategies and Success Theme of House of Success are generating big numbers and achieving high results.


Follow him on : Youtube


King Comm, an e-commerce marketer, has built a YouTube channel to document his own venture to success and to share the skills he has acquired from his experience with others.

King Comm creates actionable content to reveal his valuable tips and tricks helping others to succeed in Shopify and drop shipping using Facebook ads.


Follow him on : Youtube


JetSetFly was set up by Josh King Madrid, a serial entrepreneur, ecommerce marketing specialist and millennial mentor.

He is the founder of Team Jet Set, a group of leading millennial entrepreneurs striving to build, educate, and motivate the current generation of marketers.

He posts his tutorials and strategies to success as well as many motivational success stories of entrepreneurs that have followed in his path.

JetSetFly is gaining full speed in success and is quickly becoming the future ecommerce star.


Follow him on : Youtube,  Facebook


DualEx has reached great success on ecommerce through Shopify and continues to jump even further.

DualEx follows his passion in reaching out to like- minded entrepreneurs with a goal to double the income of their businesses.

Today DualEx reveals his secrets to the ecommerce world, opening the skies to Shopify success with Facebook Ads, supplier and influencer marketing techniques.


Follow him on : Youtube,  Instagram

Sebastian Gomez

As an entrepreneur and successful ecommerce marketer, Sebastian has succeeded in achieving enormous heights and is todays mastermind in social marketing strategies and online selling.

Sebastian travels around the world sharing his knowledge and formulas helping hundreds of people quit their jobs and create full time incomes online.

Sebastian continues to deliver his business training course as well as many top quality tutorials on YouTube and is quickly rising in popularity as he grows the businesses and changes the life of thousands of students.


Follow him on : Youtube

Andy Mai

Andy is passionate about sharing his venture as a successful ecommerce marketer.

He recently created his YouTube channel on a mission to help people worldwide reach their success goals.

Andy strongly views ecommerce as a fantastic business opportunity for people who want to learn how to make money online through passive income and is now about to take it on his shoulders to ensure people receive the financial freedom they deserve.

He is currently building his YouTube with every secret to succeeding in drop shipping, brand building and online marketing business.

Andy’s clear and professional content is what everyone has been waiting for and is now pulling him a level higher.


Follow him on : Youtube

Lucas Bivert

Lucas utilised the power of influence marketing, took strong hold of it and it has now become his key to success.

His ambitions lye with learning, discovering and growing in ecommerce whilst voicing on YouTube his powerful strategies and skills which he has acquired during his experience.

Lucas delivers all his fantastic classes in French and his training course on influence marketing is becoming todays hit.


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Freecom Academy

The Freecom Academy is an online education platform that helps people to start, launch and develop their own successful online businesses.

Freecom Academy was founded by a serial entrepreneur specialized in ecommerce and digital marketing, wishing to share his vision of business based on his personal and professional experiences.

He provides free guide books and quality content on YouTube in French. 

The Freecom Academy is now responsible for the success of over 2000 students and continues to build many more success stories.


Follow him on : Youtube

Business Dynamite

Business Dynamite, founded in January 2018, is a French movement teaching how to take control of marketing, ecommerce, SEO, ASO and dropshipping and bringing it up to master level.

Business Dynamite provide first-rate Shopify strategies and formulas on YouTube, and offer a paid training, digging deeper into ecommerce.

In just one year Business Dynamite has already been trusted by over 3,000 appreciative students who have developed incredible results.

Business Dynamite has quickly become todays leading French ecommerce expert.


Follow him on : Youtube

Douglas Souza

With great knowledge, skills and expertise in ecommerce, Douglas a successful entrepreneur himself, devotes himself to teaching about entrepreneurship and ecommerce marketing.

He delivers his strategies, courses and lectures in Portuguese and continues to train and provide opportunities to a successful ecommerce business for thousands of students.


Follow him on : Youtube

Money Guru
Sumit Kapoor

Money Guru is an ecommerce training platform opening the doors for entrepreneurs to making a full time income online.

Through his experience, Money Guru has tackled all areas and methods of ecommerce marketing and has now come to share the most successful strategies found.

With +365k subscribers and 2M views, Money Guru offers high quality courses and tutorials for all entrepreneurs - beginners to experts.  


Follow him on : Youtube


Nath is a French computer engineer passionate about ecommerce marketing, and provides his technical knowledge and skills to help potential entrepreneurs in developing their ecommerce business.

He built his YouTube channel with the goal to share all his strategies and experiences related to ecommerce.

Nath offers a free Shopify drop shipping e-book, popular ecommerce training courses plus many more professional and clear ecommerce tutorials shaping the mind set of students to becoming successful in online business.

Follow him on : Youtube

Ecommerce Empire Builders

Peter Pru is the founder of Ecommerce Empire Builders, an incredible movement coaching ecommerce strategies which is impacting the lives of thousands.

The YouTube channel of Ecommerce Empire Builders is packed with informative and valuable tutorials directing in every area of ecommerce – drop shipping, click funnels, affiliate marketing, Shopify, Facebook Ads, techniques to a business mind set, and live Q&As.

Ecommerce Empire Builders also provide premium training courses which has received a flow of positive feedback and reviews from appreciative students who have succeeded in raising their sales and are now running ultra-profitable businesses.

Follow him on : Youtube

Tome Marcos

After much trial and error, Tome had finally hit his success button at the age of 17, discovering a secret strategy that is about to change the lives of ecommerce sellers worldwide.

Today Tome pursues his passion by guiding inspired entrepreneurs step by step to making a full time income online.

He reveals his valuable techniques and methods on YouTube in Portuguese.


Follow him on : Youtube

Bruno Sanders

Bruno involves himself in the world of online business, especially marketing for ecommerce, establishing several drop shipping stores with Shopify and is a successful Amazon FBA seller.

What places Bruno above the rest is that he admits that most of his businesses have failed and has therefore recently created a YouTube channel with the purpose to share from his personal experience with ecommerce and online entrepreneurship what has worked for him and what has not.

Bruno is quickly growing in popularity and is about to become todays leading (Spanish) ecommerce expert as he delivers honest and powerful content on drop shipping, Oberlo, Shopify and social media influencers and offers a free EBook with strategies to succeeding in ecommerce.

Follow him on : Youtube

Rémy Jupille

Rémy is a French entrepreneur who specializes in drop shipping, generating big numbers from his multiple successful stores.

He has recently begun to share his knowledge and experiences on YouTube in French as well as revealing his secrets to success in his high-class tutorial.

Follow him on : YoutubeWebsite

Alex Becker

Alex is a tech and nutrition entrepreneur now coaching thousands of students across the globe on making money online and how to promote business growth.

Alex is the Founder and CEO of Market Hero, an automation and data company that aims to improve customer communication and empower business growth by simplifying the tracking of sales and conversions.

Popular for his bestselling books and top-class trainings, Alex continues to hold-the-hand of potential entrepreneurs, guiding them on the road to success and is the mastermind pulling the strings behind many of todays most successful ecommerce businesses.

Follow him on : YoutubeInstagram

Théophile Eliet

Théophile is a French entrepreneur, his first step to success setting up his profitable blog which generated a full time income in no time.

He then devoted himself to discover the freedom in which working online as an entrepreneur offers, becoming financially independent.

Théophile understands he has the opportunity to change the life of many others and has therefore started delivering most-wanted courses on YouTube and on his site

With 150k subscribers and over 10million views, Théophile gives away all todays secrets and techniques to becoming a successful blogger.

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Javier Del Valle

Javier, a Spanish successful ecommerce marketer and entrepreneur, has made it his life goal to motivate people to obtain the financial freedom they seek through entrepreneurship.

He has recently created a YouTube channel in which he hands over his excellent strategies to building a successful ecommerce store from designing a logo to maximising profits.

Javier is quickly building an empire of successful and appreciative students.

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Casual Ecommerce

Casual Ecommerce is an ecommerce training platform, founded by Jake Alexander, with the purpose to simplify ecommerce, building a relaxed and straight-forward strategy to success.

Casual Ecommerce provide free training on YouTube and fantastic ecommerce courses, plus they create apps that are simple to use and specifically designed to increase revenue.

Casual Ecommerce are currently helping thousands of students to launch their first ecommerce and bypass all the unnecessary procedures, shooting them right through to quick and satisfying success.

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Justin has achieved heights through Shopify drop shipping and brings the valuable methods forth on his popular YouTube channel.

Justin continues to reveal his secrets and products that have accelerated his business growth and has already created advanced courses that are designated to provide people with a head-start into successful ecommerce drop shipping in 2019.

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Mélik Nakhla

Mélik is a French certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords consultant.

He provides his skills and services to companies in aim to helping them promote sales growth with ecommerce marketing.

He is also the creator of a valuable Youtube channel and Facebook page where he gives free lessons and tips to web marketing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Melik lectures at business conferences, continuing to impress and influence all those around him with his advanced practises which are about to launch the success of todays ecommerce world.

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Braden Wuerch

What threw Braden into immense success is that he completely devotes himself to providing the best service, experience and results for his customers through drop shipping, Amazon FBA and those purchasing his courses.

He shares the most essential steps required to becoming a successful entrepreneur on YouTube and offers the Dropshipping Fortune 2.0 training which promises to change peoples’ lives worldwide as they learn to generate a full time income from working online.

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Chris Winter

Chris is the mentor of over 25k students all looking to begin on a journey to entrepreneurship or to accelerate in business growth.

His YouTube channel consists of little content but holds tremendously powerful strategies on affiliate marketing, passive income, investing and making money.

Chris delivers his tutorials in a clear and professional manner based on 2019 methods which gives his students a direct mind set to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

He has an incredible reputation growing in full speed and is about to become one of todays most genuine and successful leading ecommerce expert.

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No BS Drop Shipping Training

The ‘No BS Drop Shipping Training’ YouTube channel was set up by Marc Augustine, Amazon and Ebay drop shipping expert and one of the founders of, an ecommerce coaching program helping people to earn full time income by working in the comfort of their home.

Marc delivers numerous top class tutorials, as well as a free step by step guidance course following his objective to improve the lives of many and provide people with the financial independency they deserve.

Marc’s clear and professional teaching manner and strong will to benefit others draws many students worldwide towards his classes and speech of expertise.

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Ecommerce na Prática

Ecommerce na Prática otherwise known as ‘’in practice’’ is the largest ecommerce academy in Brazil, providing tutorials and training for entrepreneurs, helping them to understand the path to success and gain financial freedom.

Ecommerce na Prática has built up a YouTube channel of 180k+ subscribers, full of high-class courses delivered in Portuguese by the founder, Bruno de Oliveira and his team members.

They have helped over 10,000 students in the past two years generate a full time income through ecommerce and continue to create more success stories every day.

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Zach Inman

Zach is an ecommerce expert and digital marketer holding his goal to teach ecommerce, guiding inspired entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their success zone.

His strategies, techniques and personal journey are available on YouTube is the key to a long-term profitable ecommerce business and his training course offers a deeper insight into the ecommerce world and how to achieve the most of it.

Zack is an ecommerce master, devoting himself to raising his own success and the success of many others.

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Vendedor Global

Vendedor Global is a Portuguese education platform with over eight years of experience in the ecommerce market helping thousands of students to launch and maintain a successful ecommerce business.

They offer mentoring programs and distribute Brazilian Gift Cards. 

Vendedor Global post frequent informative courses on YouTube covering all areas of ecommerce, with the focus to show people that they could live a more quality lifestyle by working for oneself. 

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Founded by Euge Oller, EmprendeAprendiendo is a remarkable movement that has changed the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs and is by far one of the largest and most successful Spanish ecommerce academy.

Delivering the Hace Poco Grabé –exclusive seminary, and step-by-step YouTube tutorials, EmprendeAprendiendo are helping the world discover the most important paths to financial freedom.

With 700k subscribers and 35million views EmprendeAprendiendo are creating the leaders of tomorrow’s successful companies.

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Ka Tadka

Ecom-Tech Ka Tadka is a Hindi ecommerce coach with over seven years of experience and the creator of multiple online stores.

He documents his own journey to success and posts daily on YouTube with the intention to hand over the knowledge that he gains through his experience, with additional ideas that can help entrepreneurs accelerate business growth and generate a higher income online.

Ka Tadka is packed with wisdom and skills that he is ready to share and is the ecommerce master to over 160k subscribers.

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ODi Productions

ODi Productions is the founder of a music creation site and has great passion involving himself in ecommerce, specialising in affiliate marketing.

He delivers classes on his website and popular YouTube channel regarding drop shipping, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA, and offers training, a full mentorship program and free 101 courses.

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Cédric BEAU

Cedric is a French entrepreneur excelling in all areas of ecommerce.

Cedric set up his YouTube Channel to teach others how to launch a Shopify successful Shopify store, import from China, increase sales and use Facebook Ad, enabling thousands of people to press the success button.

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Webseiten Machen

Webseiten Machen is a German website-creator trainer, teaching young entrepreneurs to build their own website based on the WordPress software.

Webseiten Machen’s step-by-step tutorials and courses start at beginner stage and reach up until the most advanced level.

He covers every strategy along the way – construction to design – making the first step to creating an ecommerce business easy, simple and successful.

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Tshirt Help Desk

T-shirt Help Desk was founded by Gary Ajene teaching to design sell, print, market and promote t-shirts online.

Author of the best-selling EBook ‘Start a T-shirt Business or Die Trying’ and master of top-class courses and tutorials, Gary has picked up every crumb for opening a successful ecommerce t-shirt store.

T- shirt Help Desk trains thousands of students and is responsible for tomorrow’s greatest T-shirt businesses.

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C Aymeric

C Aymeric is a French serial entrepreneur specializing in ecommerce, drop shipping and web marketing and is the founder of several online stores.

Today he is an ecommerce coach, revealing techniques and strategies regarding Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO and digital marketing.

C Ayemric built his site,, and YouTube channel with the goal to help people take control of their lives by creating an online business that releases them from time and financial stress.

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Hogan Chua

Hogan experienced a journey through Internet business and has finally settled on teaching individuals how to create beautiful websites.

His YouTube channel explodes with tutorials and guides on building a blog, website or online business primarily focused on WordPress, as well as covering vital steps such as adding an Email Opt-in and SEO.

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Scuola Ecommerce

Scuola Ecommerce is an Italian web-marketing academy founded by Jaspal Singh, an ecommerce specialist and online business developer.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Jaspal follows his passion of continuing to learn and grow whilst reflecting his own knowledge on others through Scuola Ecommerce.

Scuola Ecommerce is now a team of trainers giving off the most powerful strategies and methodologies necessary to open a successful online store.

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Chirag Sharma

As a successful entrepreneur, Chirag has a head for increasing Shopify sales and accelerating business growth.

His YouTube channel consists of valuable courses, changing the lives of thousands of students as he provides them with essential techniques and strategies to opening a profitable Shopify store, becoming financially independent. 

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Entrepreneur Uprising

Jessica Moore has achieved great heights through her venture in ecommerce marketing, and devotes herself to sharing the skills and knowledge that she acquired from her experience – from here Entrepreneur Uprising was born.

Jessica delivers the tutorials on the Entrepreneur Uprising YouTube channel in an active and friendly manner which makes even the most advanced strategies appear simple and motivates her students to invest effort in to becoming successful online business owners. 

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Mohamed Ali Aguel

Mohamed Ali provides tutorials on an advanced level with strategies, digging deep into the source of ecommerce.

He set up the ‘Momentum Marketing Tribe’ Facebook Group encouraging individuals to talk about ecommerce stores, funnels, challenges they are facing and tools they are using.

Although not much content on his YouTube channel, his tutorials are extremely valuable and full of insight, taking his students onto a higher success step in ecommerce.

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Keder Cormier

Keder is a successful entrepreneur, building ultra-profitable businesses online.

His YouTube channel and blog explodes with numerous powerful strategies to making money online, enabling thousands of people to follow their life dreams as they earn big numbers through ecommerce.

Keder is also the founder of Craiglist Bananas, a training course where he reveals his promising method that will generate a huge amount of leads.

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Chris Record

Chris invested tremendous effort researching, learning and discovering how to become a successful entrepreneur.

He utilised the power of Internet marketing and built first-rate strategies, quickly climbing his way up to success.

Chris created his YouTube channel with the aim to provide individuals with simple yet effective ecommerce marketing courses to achieving heights in entrepreneurship without exerting any sweat.

He is especially passionate for documenting his journey to success and delivering ecommerce methods through his music video and raps.

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Curious Themes
Shopify Experts

Curious Themes, founded by Elle McCann, is a web design studio based on the Shopify ecommerce platform, helping hundreds of small business owners launch and grow their online Shopify store.

Their goal is to empower entrepreneurs through their free guides and courses which are available on the Curious Themes YouTube channel and website.

They also offer consultations and online classes, taking each business by hand and directing them from start to success, optimizing to expanding their online business.

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Patrick Diaz

Patrick stepped into entrepreneurship and within no time he achieved immense success.

Today Patrick continues to develop his Shopify stores, growing in skills and strategies as he gains experience in the ecommerce field.

He shares his techniques and methods on YouTube in French, providing success opportunities for thousands of young entrepreneurs.

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Professeur Commerce

Professeur Commerce is a French ecommerce expert, specializing in Amazon FBA with over ten years of solid experience.

He provides many fun Amazon FBA tutorials on the Professeur Commerce YouTube channel, encouraging beginners by delivering even the most complicated ecommerce strategies in a light and entertaining way.

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Mike Vestil

Mike is a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, documenting his journey along the way - the success and struggles, the mistakes and the techniques- to building a successful online store.

His YouTube channel consists of many essential tutorials, teaching the correct strategies for Facebook Ads, affiliate marketing and building a brand. With over 200k subscribers, Mike is a motivation to all young entrepreneurs as he changes the lives of thousands.

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Ethan Zeng

Ethan is climbing to success in full speed as he learns and discovers the tools required to achieving through ecommerce.

He hands over his success weapons on his YouTube channel and blog covering every spec of ecommerce from drop shipping, affiliate marketing, website building and greatest ways to making money online.

He offers ecommerce consultations, training classes and a free drop shipping EBook helping others to increase sales and accelerate business growth.

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Kirk Buchanan

Kirk has been running his own business on the Internet since 2013.

He is an expert in e-commerce, content marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

He continues to help people launch and grow their own Internet- based businesses through his YouTube tutorials, recommended books, EBook drop shipping guide and premium courses.

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Sebas Bedoya

Sebas has based himself in the ecommerce world and is achieving positive results as he discovers strategies that are destined to bring him beyond the point of success.

Throughout his self-climb he posts on YouTube encouraging people to enter the business world - teaching techniques to making money online and documenting his mistakes to stop others from taking wrong steps.

Sebas provides courses and consultations and is quickly building an empire of the next successful ecommerce entrepreneurs.

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Gabriel St-Germain

Gabriel is passionate about helping ecommerce entrepreneurs build successful online businesses with minimal start up investments.

He therefore delivers free quality content on his blogs, value-packed video guides on YouTube and his site, and has recently created a Facebook ‘Mastermind’ group for like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and strategies to accelerate business growth.

Gabriel is about to become tomorrow’s winning ecommerce expert as he excels in his own businesses and spreads open opportunities for many others to reach their success goals.

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Malik Mufasa

Malik pursued his dream to success and is now the owner of several popular ecommerce stores.

Today Malik aims to change the life of like-minded entrepreneurs by utilizing his knowledge and skills, providing them through his blogs, YouTube channel and social media.

With a head in Shopify stores and a heart to share, Malik is in the region of becoming a most-wanted ecommerce mentor, guiding step- by-step and pulling the strings behind successful ecommerce businesses.

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Nate Andres

Nate has reached great success and it has become his passion project to document his journey from launching his first ecommerce store to the dream lifestyle he is living today.

He enables people to enter into his own ecommerce world and to grow from his strategies, methods and discoveries.

Nate continues to post essential and valuable content on YouTube, hoping to motivate entrepreneurs worldwide to build their own incredible results by involving themselves in the ecommerce world and creating online stores.

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Justin Cener

Justin is the ecommerce mastermind as he helps to build, launch, and grow thousands of online businesses.

His tutorials carry students from the very first steps through Shopify, Facebook Ads and influencer marketing to becoming proficient entrepreneurs.

Justin also receives a flow of positive reviews from the numerous appreciated students whose lives have been completly changed from his T-Shirt Bootcamp Mentor Program where he provides them the essential tools to achieve through ecommerce and guides them to the door of success.

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Franklin Hatchett

Franklin has become one of the leading ecommerce experts, responsible for the growth of many online businesses and is directing thousands of students to becoming top success stories.

He is the founder of eCom Elites, todays most popular and recommended ecommerce training platform and his YouTube page, with over 100k subscribers, explodes with high value and life changing content.

Franklin reveals his secrets, skills and techniques to becoming an online success master and holds fresh strategies that is about to take the ecommerce world onto a greater level.

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