Viralsniper is a premium service of product information gathered from source across the web. Users have the opportunity to view a high performing product advertisement and compare pricing between the store running the ad and major online marketplaces. Viralsniper allows user to quickly identify products that are ideal for big margins propelled by effective advertising and impulse buying:
  • Potential Profit Identifier: Viralsniper allows users to quickly see a product’s earning potential by comparing the price the advertising store is using against the cost of that product on AliExpress and giving you the raw profit margin. While there are other selling costs to be considered when selling these items, Viralsniper helps users to quickly identify large margin opportunities and plan their business accordingly.
  • Analytics Information: AliExpress and demographic analytics information are displayed right on the ViralSniper product detail page to make the browsing process much faster. Quickly view the age range and audience size, as well as the number of AliExpress orders from our hand selected supplier, number of reviews and product rating. 
  • Ad, Store and Marketplace Links: If all the analytics information looks good, users can really get into the research by browsing the product information across the web. Viralsniper provides a link to view the facebook ad, as well as links to view the product listing on the store that is running the linked advertisement, AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba, and Ebay. After viewing how products are priced and performing on listings across the web, sellers can move forward with more confidence when deciding what products they will dropship on their ecommerce store. 

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