TopStores is a manually uploaded collection of dropshipping and ecommerce stores that have been recognized online as being high performing. This list allows users to quickly identify which stores are doing the right things to earn, and facilitates users beginning to researching those practices:
  • Carefully Selected List of Top Performers: The stores that are added to E-Sniper’s TopStores are those that are being identified by ecommerce publications and blogs as being high performing. With ecommerce selling, like most other disciplines, it often helps a lot just to observe the best practices from across the web. Taking a few minutes to browse TopStores could go a long way into improving the performance of your ecommerce store.
  • Quicklinks to the homepage, best seller collections and active advertisements: TopStores allow you to easily select the and view the homepage, best selling products and active ads of the stores on the list. Quickly review each stores best sellers to help identify what you’ll sell next. Take a look at the home page see whats eye catching and/or unique about the store. See if the store has any active facebook ads, and easily jump to their facebook page to see if what and when they are posting. 



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