Storesniper is a unique tool that lets you peek behind the curtain of existing Shopify stores providing insights into that store’s performance and operations just by entering the URL:
  • Shopify Theme Identifier: We’ve all visited an e-commerce store and been immediately captivated by its appearance. Using Shopsniper you can see which theme any Shopify store is using, so when its time to initiate or rethink the design 
  • Shopify App Details: Being able to directly reference what applications a Shopify store is using can be an extremely helpful ability, especially when launching a store for the first time. This will allow you to see the driving forces of a successful Shopify store’s operations. Things like the chat bot that greets you when visiting the store, the style and format of product reviews, and the automated emails that go out are all things that are often handled by Shopify apps. Being able to quickly identify which apps you like from store’s you’ve visited in the past will save you more time to find and list the products that will drive your earnings.
  • Best Selling and Latest Products: Although these two categories are a standard way to sort product catalogs on Shopify stores, Shopsniper allows you to see them listed right beside one another, allowing you to get a sense of which latest products might have made it into the best sellers collection and which products may be new, but not so successful.

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