Shopsniper is an automated service that pulls best selling product information from a large, and growing, database of dropshipping stores. Shopsniper is the ideal tool for those who might be new to dropshipping and need to quickly browse the landscape to see what are current popular dropshipping items. A perfect jumping off point to launching new products, Shopsniper allows user to get a sense of what types of products are finding success in the dropshipping industry:
  • Automatic “Best Sellers” Filter: Shopsniper’s database of stores is very large, which in turn results to an extremely large number of products. To assist in determining the products for selling. Shopsniper’s automatically selected “Best Sellers” filter takes millions of products and scales them down to 1,200 -1,500 best selling items. Users do have the option of browsing all the products, not just the best sellers, but we highly recommend browsing the best sellers to identify products with proven success. 
  • Quick Links to Stores and Listings: Shopsniper provides users with the option to instantly visit product listings and store fronts of the featured items. Shopsniper automatically displays the products from the highest ranking stores first. This makes it simple and easy to identify the best selling items of highly ranked stores, analyze their listings and pricing, and plan your store according. 
  • Marketplace Simple Search: All products on Shopsniper include links to AliExpress and Amazon that automate a search for that product on those marketplaces. By clicking on either the AliExpress or Amazon logo featured in the product’s listing, users are automatically redirected to searches for these items on the selected marketplace. This allows users to view and gather important information like: Are there a large number of suppliers for this product? Is the dropshipper selling at a significant mark-up in comparison to sellers on Amazon? Are there a lot of sellers listing this product on Amazon?

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