InstaSniper is an impressive search tool that allows dropshippers and e-commerce to facilitate marketing efforts through relevant social media personalities. In the increasingly competitive environment of e-commerce, effective marketing can be the difference between significant product sales and no sales at all:
  • Find the Influencers Who Will Really Make the Difference: With a large number of search and filter options, InstaSniper allows users to effortlessly sort through the over-populated influencer space to find the perfect marketers for their store/stores.
  • Direct Link to Profile: Instasniper provides working links to instantly view the profiles influencers. While the number of followers and engagement rate are excellent vetting metrics, a true indication of a good fit will be if you can see your products being promoted by this influencers when browsing their profile. Many influencers even post about their availability to market products. 

  • Valuable Influencer and Audience Data: All InstaSniper search results allow users to view an impressive report packed with information about the influencer and their audience. Users can view these reports on the web or download the reports for their records. Discover audience credibility, notable followers, notable likers, brand affinity and look alike accounts all by glancing over these reports.

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